Our Precautions

The safety of you, our valued customers and employees, is of great importance to us. In this direction, we closely follow all developments related to the subject. Our hygiene practices and the protection measures we have developed in this regard have been determined in the light of fully scientific data published by the World Health Organization, taking into account the lifetime of the Covid-19 virus on fabrics and surfaces, and in line with the principles of sustainable practice.

Our main goal is to reduce the touching of the product you are going to buy to the minimum level possible. We have updated all our processes and practices in line with this principle.

• Our E-Commerce team was trained by specialist doctors on hygiene, awareness and precautions to be taken.

• All our team who come into contact with the product work with masks and gloves and disinfect their hands regularly.

• The working environment is constantly disinfected.

• All sent products are disinfected with a harmless hydrogen peroxide formula and 120 degrees steam spray before being shipped and then packaged. Afterwards, the box containing your product is placed in an untouched disposable bag so that it does not come into contact with the outside. With this application, after your product is disinfected, it is delivered to you, including the product box, without anyone touching it. When your package reaches you, you can safely contact your product box by removing the outermost plastic bag.

• Returns coming through our e-commerce site are disinfected in the same way before being offered for sale again.

Changes can be made in this procedure in the light of up-to-date information and guidance from the competent authorities. In case of such a situation, the updates will be shared with you, our valued customers.